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Josh's Fund

Established in 1994, Josh’s Fund partners with the Oncology Nursing Society Foundation to award educational grants to oncology nurses annually. To date, over one hundred oncology nurses internationally have been selected to receive the Josh Gottheil Career Development Award, enabling them to participate in courses and programs that further professional knowledge and skills in patient care. Expanding the fund’s reach, in 2018 the Josh Gottheil Memorial Endowment for the Promotion of Resiliency at Siteman Cancer Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis and in 2021 and the Josh Gottheil Memorial Nurse Resiliency Fund at Carle Health in Urbana, Illinois were established. Both endowments seek to provide nurses support for balancing the emotional and mental demands of caring for patients with their empathy, compassion and professionalism. Read more on the What We Do page.

Joshua David Gottheil was a young man with a special charm and a big heart. At a very young age, Josh accomplished a large part of what seemed to be his dream—to support musicians and to bring the music that he loved to audiences. Read more about Josh in the About Josh section.

Latest News

September 2023: The Oncology Nursing Foundation announces the names of the newest Career Development Award recipients. Read more about the Career Development Award

January 2022: Siteman Cancer Center presents Josh Gottheil Memorial Resiliency Symposium Read more about Building Resiliency

November 2021: The Josh Gottheil Memorial Nurse Resiliency Fund is established at Carle Health. Read more about Building Resiliency

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Josh's Fund
Josh's FundMonday, December 4th, 2023 at 5:30am
Sharing stories of kindness in the final chapter of our Sunday miniseries: Madelyn Pagliara, Kip Pope, Kelly Hill, Dawn Sandone, Diane Gottheil, Katie Madigan, Marc Changnon, Dan Johnson, Gianina Baker
Josh's Fund
Josh's FundWednesday, November 29th, 2023 at 7:51am
The SigEps are back at the University of Illinois and already involved in doing philanthropic work for Josh's Fund! What a great group of young men! Thank you SigEp-Illinois Alpha for getting this fundraiser with Chipotle organized.